An online photographic archive about Liverpool.

The idea for a site dedicated to photographs of Liverpool came out of my work as a publisher. I set up The Bluecoat Press in 1992 and have published over 200 books on local history and related themes. My particular interest is the visual image (I have been involved in photography for many years and set up the city’s Open Eye Gallery in 1977). Over the years, I have collected a substantial archive photographs documenting Liverpool in the 19th and 20th centuries and have attempted, through Bluecoat Press’s books, to bring them to a wider audience.

One of my main aims as a publisher has been to create awareness of the thousands of images that are stored in archives, public and private. Liverpool is fortunate in that so much of its history has been documented photographically but, all too often, it is difficult for the public to access collections. The internet is a tremendous (and free) way of opening up archives to a wider readership and this blog is my contribution towards encouraging a better understanding of Liverpool’s?great history.

Please add your comments. If you can add information about each posting, this will only make the blog more worthwhile.

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