Following on from my last post, here is another photograph of Church Street taken some 70 years later.
It takes a moment to work out the location, but the Bluecoat Chambers in the background is the giveaway. The whole area was badly bombed in the War and the empty site is where Russell’s, watch makers and jewellers, had their store. The building was well-known for a large ornamental clock attached to its corner with Church Alley (the corner of their building with part of the clock can just be seen on the far left of the previous 1880 photograph).
After the War, the site was acquired by the Littlewood empire and has since become Primark.
The street immediately behind the cleared site is Old Post Office Place, a dog-leg of a street, once a busy backstreet but since the post-War rebuilding little more than a service road for the shops fronting Church Street. The Bluecoat, too, was bombed but fortunately most of the shell survived. What a loss it would have been to have lost such a key, early building.

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