St Mary’s C of E Junior Boys School, Archer Street/Westminster Road, 1976

Lambeth Road Secondary Modern School, 1976

St Alphonsus RC Primary School, Stanley Road, 1976

Here are another three ‘lost’ schools. I never ceased to be amazed by what you can find out on the internet. Out there are an army of enthusiasts who are putting in hours of unpaid research to keep us informed about their particular interests. One such site which is a mine of information is

St Mary’s, Archer Street, opened in 1844 and was still listed in 1911. The other two schools are more recent. St Alphonsus opened in 1952 but was merged with St Alban’s and St Gerard’s in the 1990s. Lambeth Road Secondary Modern closed in 1982 when it merged with John Hamilton Secondary School. As I look at the photographs, I cannot help feel how badly society has served children in such inner city areas. There is hardly a blade of grass in any shot and the buildings exude soullessness and dreariness. I taught for a short while at Archbishop Whiteside RC Secondary on Silvester Street as a supply teacher in the early 1970s and the sense of failure permeating out of the place was almost tangible. However bright a child was, they had little chance of succeeding in such negative places.

Lost Schools of Liverpool 2

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