Netherfield Road North/York Terrace, 1975

John Bagot Hospital, Netherfield Road, 1973

Netherfield Road/Robsart Street 1975

My post of September 12th. was about my favourite City Engineer’s photograph – taken of the amazing stepped terraces leading to Everton Terrace. Today’ s post visits the same territory some 50 years later. Here are the last remnants of a once busy road – with the graffiti (Protestant Boys) pronouncing the road’s allegiance. Within a decade, all these buildings would be demolished, removing any memories of the road’s often turbulent past.
One of the reasons for publishing the images is the many requests I get for specific streets. Two recent requests were for John Bagot Hospital (from Pat Johnson, who was a patient there in 1940)
and for Robsart Street from Charles Jones, who added this wonderful description:

I lived in 81 Robsart St from my birth in 1952 till we were moved out to ‘better housing’. The house was on the corner and, at one time, it was a corner shop. I remember a large glass front shop window and a counter just inside the front door. Just up the street were a number of blind courts and I recall climbing the very high back wall to get into the next court. The wall was not quite vertical but must have been 30′ high – or so it seemed to a nine year-old.
Down the street was a real corner shop and everywhere around were ‘ollers’ and ‘bombies’ the local names for open spaces and bombed out houses. Both gave us the local urchins hours and hours of mischievous play.
The street was very steep and ideal for ‘steeries’ which everyone knows is the shortened term for non motorised wooden boards capable of holding up to 6 kids and a driver (usually the owner). I don’t know what speed they hit but without brakes and with a full load I don’t believe elf and safety would allow it now.
Penny lemonade drinks diluted with water, two penny drinks neat, top shelf sweets 1 shilling and 4 pence per quarter, catapult fights sticky lice liquorice root (yellow and horrible) and sticky toffee apples from ‘Dirty Mary’ once a year.

This is what my blog is about – not just the photographs but the memories they evoke. By the way, the pub on Robsart Street is the Old Stingo.

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