At anyone time, there is a group of dedicated photographers documenting the changing face of Liverpool. I have published the work of a number, including Charles Inston, Bernard Fallon, Frank Lenhan and Harry Ainscough. Their collective body of work is a constant inspiration to me in developing my book range and, of course, this blog. I am always reminded of the power of such photographs through the responses I get on a daily basis. They are our connection with the past – a link to what was once familiar.

Peter Leeson, today’s photographer, belongs to that noble band who had the prescience to record what was disappearing in yet another blitz on the inner city communities – in this case for?the Wallasey tunnel. I published many of his haunting photographs in Goodbye Scottie Road in 2008, a book that documented the destruction of a once-vibrant community ripped apart by a largely uncaring bureaucracy. This photograph, of St Timothy’s Church Hall on Rokeby Street dwarfed by the John F. Kennedy tower block (I think) is indicative of official thinking at the time. Tear down whole areas in which communities were settled and happy, break up?neighbourhoods and?rehouse everyone in their idea of the future. A shocking history, well captured here.

Rokeby Street, 1970

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