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You have to be over 60 to remember the Coronation. I was in Sheffield at the time and, along with thousands of other excited children stood for what seemed like hours only for a black limousine to flash past at 30 mph. So that was the Queen! At least we all got a small tin of chocolates and a crown (a five shilling coin to the unitiated) in a special plastic case. The chocolate soon went but I still have the crown, which is probably worth at least 50p today. My experience apart, it was a huge event for the nation and kickstarted the television age. Every village, town and city went overboard – with decorations, street parties and spectacular events.
The photograph of Barry Street shows the remarkable lengths local communities went to to mark the occasion. Barry Street is probably familiar to many Evertonians as it runs between Walton Road and Walton Lane close to Goodison. Will there be a repeat for the next coronation? I doubt it.