There are quite a few Liverpool institutions I have missed out on over the years. The Overhead Railway had long gone by the time I arrived in 1970. I also missed out on the old Cavern. It was still there but no longer a place at the cutting edge of music. I did get to look inside the Sailors’ Home before they pulled it down and there is still the opportunity to see a Grand National. Sadly, the Grafton is one place I will not get to visit. It had crossed my mind from time to time to take a camera and take a few shots but it closed down before I made a decision.
I am disappointed with myself because the Grafton and club life in general should be recorded for posterity. Such places played an important part in the lives of many people and it is a shame there is not an archive of photographs to draw on. This particular image was taken in June,1956 by a Detroit News photographer. I am not sure what the news angle was – possibly the lives of GI’s in Britain after the War (there were US servicemen based at Burtonwood). The couple in the shot appear to be deep in conversation rather than dancing but there are no obvious clues as to why the photograph was taken.

The Grafton, 1956

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